April 2nd, 2016, Hacienda Uayamón, Campeche, México

The Happy Couple

Daniella Aburto Valle

In his words... Daniella wowed me the moment we met, and has continued to do so ever since. She's a strong and smart woman, a beautiful person inside and out, and has an infectious passion for life and love. We're amazed at how much we have in common - even though we grew up a world apart - and we want the same things for our future together. I couldn't hope for a better partner in life!

Paul Anderson

In her words.... I asked the universe for Paul. I describe him as someone with a drive to change the world, an international and adventurous soul, super smart and cultured, and a spiritual passion for nature. I thank the universe for bringing this impressive guy into my life! But beyond his many talents and achievements, I am grateful to Paul for his raw, kind and intrinsic love.

April 2nd, 2016, Hacienda Uayamón, Campeche, México


Wedding Location

Wedding Party

Meet our family and friends in the wedding

  • Murray Anderson

  • Lindy Anderson

  • Salvador Aburto

  • Lupita Aburto

  • Sally Renfrey

  • Marnie Higgs

  • Edgar Aburto

  • Milan Pathak

  • Eoin O’Toole

  • Carla Aguirre

  • Gaby Alonso

  • Ma Fer Robles

Wedding Weekend Events


  • 5 years ago Daniella Aburto Valle 2 Comments
    Because the wedding is in the details, Daniella thought cool to create a DanyPaul Family Crest. Paul initially thought it…
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    We’re now in incredible Kathmandu, recovering from a wonderful wedding weekend in Campeche – followed by a long flight halfway around the…
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    We are excited to be finalizing the tour from Cancun to Campeche before the wedding weekend festivities! Itinerary We have a…
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    El mas valioso legado de Yale no fue el titulo, sino las amistades que formamos.  Durante y despues de la…
  • 6 years ago Daniella Aburto Valle 1 Comment
    We celebrated our engagement with family and friends at La Mar Cebicheria, along San Francisco’s Embarcadero, on October 23th, 2015, and…
  • 6 years ago Paul Anderson 0 Comment
    We’ve had a few guests ask about the accommodation options in Campeche for the wedding weekend, and wanted to make…


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