We celebrated our engagement with family and friends at La Mar Cebicheria, along San Francisco’s Embarcadero, on October 23th, 2015, and were very grateful to have so many people there for us.

“We met for the first time in La Mar, realized how special that date was, and kept investing in building the relationship of our dreams… we’ve now decided to be partners for life and look forward to a lifetime full of adventure!

“While we come from almost opposite ends of the world, even in that first date, it was evident we had a lot in common… and the best of it is in our families. We are very thankful for our parents, who coincidentally each count more than 40 years of marriage, and we look up to them as our greatest example in building our own family.

“We are grateful for our brothers and sisters that were present physically, virtually, or in spirit at our engagement celebration.  We couldn’t have asked for better companions in growing up and we look forward to our kids playing and growing up together.

“Huge thanks to Alex and Eoin for being true amigos, mates and witnesses for the civil ceremony.  Thank you for encouraging us to signing up for love.

“And to our amazing San Francisco friends from Yale, Berkeley, GE, Bain, Intuit and all walks of life, we are so grateful to be part of a wonderful SF community.  You guys make life fascinating, and we look forward to sharing much more with each of you.”

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