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Because the wedding is in the details, Daniella thought cool to create a DanyPaul Family Crest. Paul initially thought it was a terrible idea, later he opened up to the possibility of it and it turned out to be a fun project. The resulting DanyPaul family shield was everywhere in our wedding, so in case anyone was wondering, this is what it means and how it came about.

First, we researched the elements that could go into our unique Coat of Arms. Inside the shield we combined the common elements in the Anderson, Aburto, and Valle Family shields: the oak tree and the lion.

Aburto Shield

Aburto’s Shield


Anderson’s Shield


And to frame our shield we threaded the plants surrounding the shields of Mexico and Australia: the nopal and the wattle.


Australia’s Shield


Mexico’s Shield

We then needed to design our family crest with the above mentioned elements. Paul explained to Daniella that a legitimate Coat of Arms has to go through a lengthy, elaborate, and likely expensive process granted by the most senior heralds, the Kings of Arms, through the College of Arms. Alternatively, Daniella turned into Designcrowd.com and our crest became a contest for freelance designers across the globe. 10 days and US$300 later, the designer from the Philippines won our hearts with the family crest of our dreams.

Once we had our family crest designed the possibilities were endless. The shield could turn anything into something “DanyPaul special”. We gave our family shield obvious uses such as our invite and stationary, but we found opportunities to personalize DanyPaul towels, water bottles, running caps, flip-flops, tequila, beer … etc.