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Mexico meets Australia…

Slide1Daniella and Paul met in early 2014 in San Francisco, soon after Daniella had moved to California from New York.   Their first date was to the Peruvian bar and restaurant called La Mar along the Embarcadero waterfront on the evening before Paul’s birthday, and after finding they had so much to talk about their after-work drink quickly evolved into a wide-ranging conversation over dinner.  Both of them left that night feeling there was the potential for something really special.  After a reasonably slow and cautious start, things really heated up after a couple of months and the rest, as they say, is history!

Adventure and travel has been a feature of Paul and Daniella’s relationship, and they hope that will continue throughout their lives together.  They have hiked and camped in the wilderness areas of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, and made a trip to beautiful Zion National Park in Utah.  Daniella has also shown herself willing to try new experiences, including canyoning in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney and climbing massive Mt. Shasta in Northern California.  So far they’ve traveled to Miami and Mexico (to meet the Aburtos), have spent the Christmas of 2014 in Australia (to meet the Andersons), and they take any opportunity they can to explore parts of the US West Coast.  In the summer of 2015 they toured Alaska in an RV, and they went to Greece in late 2015 for Daniella to run the original Athens marathon.

The Bride


Daniella is made in Mexico with a lot of pride – proudly Mexican because the country endowed her with an awesome family, friends and childhood experiences.  She’s the youngest of an entrepreneurial family based out in Mexico City.  As a good Chilanga (the nickname for Mexico City peeps) she grew up used to the vibrant, chaotic, and always happening metropolis, balanced with a weekly dose of nature at the family’s country house in Tepotzotlan.  Whether it was her parents supporting her on every new endeavor, the lovely evenings and holidays spent with grandparents, or the experience of “growing up” with childhood friends, Mexico was a warm, rich and exciting place to kick-start life.

That said, Daniella tends to think of herself as a citizen of the world. In Tepotzotlan she learned to value nature, and the University of Toronto in Canada provided her with the opportunity to study something environment-related.  She thrived in the multidisciplinary and global nature of the university, in Canada as well as Hong Kong where she studied abroad – it remains one of her favorite cities to this day.

Daniella returned to the international scene after an entrepreneurial stage in Mexico, this time to attend grad school at Yale University.  It was here where she defined how she could have a positive environmental impact in an industry (say, energy) through business development so she joined the renewable energy team at GE after graduation and lived between upstate NY and Mexico City, selling the first GE wind turbines in Mexico.

After almost 4 years she was looking for a sunnier and more innovative space and created the opportunity to move to the Bay Area to work in GE’s new Industrial Internet venture.  Daniella now leads the business development efforts in the Digital Power Generation space, a role that combines her entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to use high tech in creating a positive impact – such as improving the efficiency of energy generation – globally.

The most valuable asset she has gathered throughout this journey in life has been amazing, wonderful and beautiful friends. She has had the fortune to connect with these friends at each stage of life and together they have created a long lasting bond.  It fills Daniella with excitement and joy to be able to bring all of these great people together and create a very special moment at their wedding.

The Groom

IMG_0629Paul has been on an incredible journey around the world for the past two decades.  After growing up and studying in Australia, he packed his bags and took a job as a mechanical engineer in Zürich, Switzerland in the late ’90s.  He well and truly caught the travel bug while living in Europe and hasn’t looked like slowing down ever since – he’s racked up over 80 countries so far, including some off-the-beaten-track destinations such as Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan.

Business school took Paul to the USA in 2004, and he has called the San Francisco Bay Area home on and off since then.  After completing an MBA at UC Berkeley he worked for five years as a management consultant with Bain & Company, a job which provided him with the opportunity to live and work in different places around the world such as Madrid, Spain and New Delhi, India.  More recently, Paul worked for a Silicon Valley software company in a global business development role, and is currently doing freelance consulting while he works out what comes next – and where.

Paul is a lover of anything to do with the outdoors and adventure and is a self-professed “mountain man”.  He has been hiking and camping since his childhood in Australia, but living near the Swiss Alps gave him the chance to learn technical mountaineering skills which he has since put to good use.  Over the years he has climbed countless peaks in the Alps, and he has been a part of expeditions to Southern Patagonia, the Peruvian Andes and the Himalayas.  In 2015 he successfully ascended to the 6,194m/20,320ft summit of Denali in Alaska (North America’s highest point) on a once-in-a-lifetime 24-day trip.

Paul’s other great passion is rugby union, the sport he has played since his university days in Australia.  He has played club rugby in Australia, Europe and the US, and played representative rugby while living in Switzerland.  Until recently he was playing for the Olympic Club in San Francisco, but after a few years of injury and a handful of surgeries he has finally decided to hang up the boots.

Check out Paul’s website and blog at aussiepaul.com.