Join other wedding guests on an organized half-day trip to tour the impressive Mayan ruins at Edzna, approximately one hour from Campeche.

If you are interested in joining the tour please contact Daniella or Paul by Friday, March 18th.


Edzna is an impressive archeological site containing the ruins of a significant Mayan settlement dating from 600 BC to its demise in the 15th Century. It is the most notable Mayan site in northern Campeche state and a great opportunity for guests coming for the weekend to do some sightseeing of the region.

Below are a couple of websites with more information about Edzna:

Plan & Timing

The tour will depart at 12pm on Friday, April 1st. Guests will be picked up and dropped off at the Hacienda Puerta Campeche and Hacienda Uayamon.

Edzna is around 60km or 1 hour drive from Campeche. Once we arrive we will tour the site with a guide for approximately 1 1/2 hours.

We expect to finish the trip back in Campeche by around 5pm, and in Uayamon around 4:30pm.


Tour cost is US$40 per person including transportation, entry into the site and refreshments. Guests will pay the tour operator on the day and are asked to pay with cash (USD or MXN).