Getting Around

Here is some information on the transportation options to get around Campeche and out to Hacienda Uayamón.

Around Campeche

The picturesque and historic center of Campeche town is small and compact, contained within the old walls and fortifications.  You can easily walk everywhere within the town center.

  • Taxi: Your hotel can organize a taxi if you wish to see any of the tourist attractions outside the town center, and they can advise you on the fare.
  • Rental Car: Cars can be rented at Campeche Airport, and the city center is around a 15-minute drive.  The streets of the historic center are narrow and that parking can be a challenge.  Note that most hotels do not have a parking area.

To/From Hacienda Uayamon

The wedding venue Hacienda Uayamón is located in the jungle some 25-30 minutes drive outside of Campeche.

  • Taxi: Cabs between Campeche and Uayamón can be arranged by the hotel, and the fare is US$25.  Please organize the taxi in advance as it will take some time for the driver to be contacted and for them to make their way out to the hacienda.
  • Shuttle Bus: A bus service will be arranged to transport guests from the hotels in Campeche to Hacienda Uayamón for the wedding events on Saturday, and buses will run hourly through the night to take guests back to Campeche.  More information will be shared closer to the event.
  • Rental Car: It’s possible to rent a car and drive to Uayamón, and there is parking at the hotel.  Given the other transportation options this isn’t necessary or recommended.